Step by Step Guide in Listing a Property For Sale in the Philippines

What are the Step by Step guide before listing a property for sale?

Note: If you are planning to be a Real Estate Broker / Agent, ensure to comply government rules first as per stated in the RESA LAW 9646.

What are the Step by Step guide before listing a property for sale

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To start listing properties from private owners, do the following:

1.) Schedule an occular visit to the property.

2.) Prepare and secure Authority to Sell (ATS). Your ATS must have the following details:

  • TCT/OCT/CCT Details
  • Type of Property
  • Size of the property
  • Selling Price
  • Professional Fee
  • Any terms and conditions
  • The Capital Gains Tax payment
  • Transfer of Title payment
  • Other docs payment, Notarial Fees.

👉 Ask your Real Estate Broker about the ATS / Authority to sell to assist you.

The ATS must be signed by the property owner or the authorized SPA.

3.) Get a photocopy of the title. Afterwards, you need to proceed to ROD to get a certified copy of the title to ensure the authenticity of the title.

4.) Get other documents related to the property such as vicinity map, tax declaration, updated real property tax. Other  legal papers necessary like judicial or extra judicial settlement of the property (if applicable).


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