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Legacy Leisure Residences Davao Condo FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Legacy Leisure Residences Maa Davao Condo (Pre-selling Condo in Davao City)

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Frequently Asked Questions for Legacy Leisure Residences Maa Davao Condo FAQ Pre-selling Condo in Davao City

When is the start of construction?

Land development started January 2020.

When is the turnover of my unit?

The turnover for Tower 2 will by 2024. Crisron Legacy Leisure Residences will schedule a turnover once the unit owner has fully paid the total contract price and has submitted all the documentary compliances.

Where are the parking lots located?

Parking lots are located on the ground floor and the whole of the 2nd floor. 

What is the plan for the ground floor?

A commercial strip all through the frontage of the 4 towers that are not for sale, but for lease. 

Can foreigners own condo units?


What magnitude can the building withstand?

As per Engr. Remojo, our structural engineer, the building can withstand 7.0-8.4 magnitude. The developers together with the engineers have made the necessary changes to the building’s foundation to assure all unit owners that our infrastructure is stable and safe. 

Can I keep pets in my unit?

Yes, you can. We allow small to medium-sized pets such as cats and dogs. As a general rule, we will be implementing the clean-as-you-go or clean-after-your-mess policy regarding pets to keep the standard cleanliness and healthy environment of Crisron Legacy Leisure Residences.

Can I have my unit rented out? 

Yes, you can. Crisron Legacy Leisure Residences will have a Property Management Office wherein all concerns regarding renting/selling out of the unit will course through them. PMO will help out in the whole process. This is to control the ins and outs of the unit owners and renters, to maintain the peace and safety of the development. 

Are there ongoing homeowners fees (HOA) to manage the properties?

For now, there are no ongoing fees. But eventually once tower 2 is operational, by then we will be implementing such fees.

It appears that onsite parking may be short of needs?

Parking slots as of the moment are only found on the ground level and second floor of the tower, but there are plans of adding parking spaces, we are just waiting for confirmation.

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