CAMILLE 3 Bedrooms 3 Toilet at The Prestige Subdivision Cabantian Buhangin

CAMILLE is a 2 storey house with 3 Bedrooms, 3 Toilet and Bath model house of The Prestige Subdivision located in Cabantian, Buhangin Davao City. It has a minimum lot area of 120 sq.m and a 75 sq.m floor area. Camille-Affordable-House-&-Lot-at-The-Prestige-Subdivision CAMILLE-model-house2-3-Bedrooms-3-Toilet-at-The-Prestige-Subdivision-Cabantian-Buhangin


Package price: 2,796,580.00  ; Reservation Fee: P 10,000 Equity: 557,316.00 + Processing fee: 156,048.48 =  P 713,364.48 Payable in 50mos. = P 14,267.28/mo.

Remaining balance loanable(PAG-IBIG): 2,229,264.00 Estimated payable in 30yrs = P 14,090.46/mo.

Required Income= P 40,258.47

Camille Floor Plan – The Prestige Subdivision, Buhangin Davao City

CAMILLE-3-Bedrooms-3-Toilet-at-The-Prestige-Subdivision-Cabantian-Buhangin CAMILLE-model-house3-3-Bedrooms-3-Toilet-at-The-Prestige-Subdivision-Cabantian-Buhangin CAMILLE-model-house4-3-Bedrooms-3-Toilet-at-The-Prestige-Subdivision-Cabantian-Buhangin CAMILLE-model-house5-3-Bedrooms-3-Toilet-at-The-Prestige-Subdivision-Cabantian-Buhangin FAQ: Q: What are the initial requirements? A: 1.) Photocopy of 2 Valid ID with signature 2.) Signed Application Form 3.) Checking Account (If not available, we can give bank referral) Q: When is the turn-over the house at the prestige subdivision? A: Standard turn-over of houses is after paying the equity/downpayment. Since the equity is payable in 50 months, estimated turn over is after 50 months CLICK HERE FOR OTHER MODEL HOUSES OF THE PRESTIGE SUBDIVISION

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